Friday, 16 January 2009

The incredible shrinking woman

My nemesis. My downfall.

Weight loss this week: 2 lbs
Total weight loss: 6 lbs
Number of gym visits: 4
Number of salads: So many my tastebuds have forgotten what nice food is
Number of bad thoughts about food: 12 million, approx
Pieces of cake: 1 (and a fairy cake but that doesn't count, it was 90% air)

Week two of The Regime (tm) has been a hell of a lot easier than last week. It's still not been easy. I still want to devour cheese at every opportunity and I've been having some rather saucy thoughts about cheeseburgers. But I've not acted on my cravings and I think that's rather good. For me anyway, as I usually have the willpower of a pig in a sty full of swill. And truffles.

Mmm, truffles. Chocolate ones. With a light dusting of cocoa powder. Glarghlgrlglh. That was the sound of my mouth filling slowly yet inevitably with saliva. Nice.

Things I am thankful for this week include, but are not limited to:

  • Having a job that I actually enjoy. I feel pretty lucky when you consider the current Barclays/Woolworths/Adams/any other company you'd care to name situation. It's not particularly easy (especially for a number spaz like myself) and I'm still making quite a lot of mistakes. But I'm trying to go against my usual urge to self-criticise and tell myself that I've only been doing it a few weeks and that everyone makes mistakes.
  • The fact that it's payday next Friday. So I'm a material girl. Sue me.
  • Wine tomorrow night. Yes, I admit it. I'm craving booze. I'm British, female and in my twenties. I am a booze hound and I am not ashamed.
  • Lighter afternoons and mornings. It was nearly light when I left for work today and now it's 4pm and its not even getting dark yet. Spring is on it's way my friends. I want snow drops and crocus (crocii?) and I want them now. Give me lambs, daffodils and morning sunshine and I shall be content.
  • The Weekend. So good it deserves capitalisation. Thing on the cards include an exhibition at FACT, tapas, red wine, IKEA and the gym.
  • And, last but not least, having a lovely man to do the above things with. Shall I pass sick bags out now or later?

Have a great weekend folks, whatever you may be upto...


Lainey said...

Well done - that's fab. Nearly half a stone. Do you feel a difference in your clothes?

I also noticed a difference in the light this week. I emailed two friends at 4pm telling them to look out the window - it's light!

Mon the spring! (when we will be so thin we'll have to stand sideways to be seen - ahem).

Helen said...

Thanks!! I am starting to feel a difference yes but mainly I've just got so much more energy!

Bring on thin spring!

wee-h said...

Well done you, i havent put any weight on. Success. Although i did eat the biggest Chimichanga at the Mexican with the Boy on saturday night. But turned down the Banoffee pie and drank an extra 2 margeritas instead. Yum

Helen said...

I'm not going to weight myself till friday. I fear bad things after my weekend decadence.

The word chimichanga just made my stomach growl. I have serious issues! I love tex mex so much it hurts. Good call on the cocktails over dessert decision. My kind of girl!