Sunday 11 January 2009

Iz in yoor saled, makin yoo thinz...

So, that's the first week of the diet over with then...

It's actually not been too bad, surprisingly. Salad has become my friend and green tea and I have experienced a friendship renaissance. A frenaissance if you will. I've been to the gym four times. Each time marginally less painful and soul destroying than the last. Do anyone else's knees sweat? No? Just me then. Thought so. There are no two ways about it, I look like a rotten pig in the gym. Bright red, sweaty, devastated. Still, the regime is in full swing now and I feel pretty positive about it this time round. Now that I've got other aspects of my life sorted I feel more able to actually make a go of this whole more fitness/less fatness ideal. Go Team Helen.

Things I am thoroughly enjoying this week include:
  • The Crookers' essential mix from June last year, particularly the second hour. I have been bouncing around to it whilst on the Wii Fit for the last hour and it delights me.
  • Little Boots. Much hyped but my ears have yet to become completely saturated with her noise so, for now, I like.
  • Yumblog. If I can't eat fattening, cheese-laden food then at least I can look at the ridiculously appetising pictures and live vicariously through them. Nom.
  • Etsy. Yes, I know it's nothing new. But I never fail to find something (for that read, ten things) that I want to buy. My current loves include this pig keychain, this huuuuge warmer and this super bright necklace with mildly rude connotations. I do love a rude connotation.
  • Flight of the Conchords. I feel like I've arrived a bit late to the party with this one but, man alive, it's funny!
  • Slumdog Millionaire. We went to see it yesterday and I loved it. Particularly the end credits. It made me want to dance through the streets of Liverpool. Instead I restrained myself to a little on-the-spot hopping and gyrating to the music at the Capital of Culture transition celebrations. Me dancing whilst wearing purple leggings is not what the populus of Liverpool needs to see on a cold January Saturday night.

So yes, things are good. Not perfect. But definitely getting there...