Wednesday 14 January 2009

Money money money money mo-ney

Not only is that a complete tune but the subject of it is pretty much all I've got on my mind right now....

I checked my bank account this morning. Now, that's never a pleasant experience and I was expecting a bit of mild peril. What I was not expecting was to find that I've got £2.46 to last me until next Friday.

Next Friday!!!

So that's 23p a day for the next 9 days.


I don't even want any sympathy as it's my own stupid, ridiculous, spendaholic fault. I got paid less than 4 weeks ago and have managed to urinate it all up the proverbial wall. (speaking of which, I'd love to be a man for a day. I'd wee on things and stick it in things. Just because I could)

An example of my ludicrousness? I've spent £253.13 (Yes, i did go through my online banking and add it up. Pedant.) on clothes in the last 4 weeks. I literally sicken myself. £191.30 in Topshop!! Jesus. I didn't even think I liked Topshop that much.

So that's my next (belated) New Year's Resolution. Spend less money on crap I don't need. Save for things I actually want or, better yet, pay off some of my ridiculously large debts.

In short.... Less spending, more billing.

Which means more time spent chained to this...

... And less time spent wandering the streets of Warrington searching for more clothes that I'll never even wear. Amen.

PS: Would anyone like a Spotify invitation? I've got 3 going begging.