Friday 7 September 2012

Review: LarderBox

Ever since I first read about LarderBox on Rose's blog, The Londoner, I've been dying to try the service out. Who doesn't want to receive lovely, unusual, edible joy through the post on a monthly basis?! As Larderbox themselves say, the boxes are "A monthly delivery of top quality food and drink from talented independent producers, mailed directly to your desk or door."

Now, I must admit that I was slightly disappointed that one of the items contained in my box was a box of 10 "free" Clipper teabags. Clipper tea is lovely (I buy their nettle tea religiously) but I wasn't really expecting to receive something that was so obviously a free sample, rather than a product from one of the many artisan producers that supply Love Your Larder, the parent company of LarderBox. That said, the other four items in the box were lovely. Special mention has to go to the incredible Isles of Scilly peanut butter & sea salt fudge that was so perfect with my morning cup of coffee that I may, just may, have scoffed the whole lot in one go. Oops.

I'm not a fan of all things funghi, so the white truffle oil was swiftly passed over to my parents and I'm told that they're greatly enjoying it. Sometimes I really do feel like I miss out by despising mushrooms and everything even remotely related to them. Then I realise that I'm happy that I don't eat grey food.

The bacon jam, though. OH, THE BACON JAM. This stuff is addictive. Seriously addictive. The combination of the bacon jam, some nice sharp cheddar and some of those beautiful little Peter's Yard Swedish crispbreads was just utterly glorious. I could live on that meal for at least the next month, if not forever.

So, four out of five items ain't bad and I'd much rather receive a box of edible treats through my door each month than a box full of cheap samples and products that aren't suitable for me. Glossybox, I'm looking at you.

You can sign up to Larderbox on a box-by-box basis at a cost of £19.95. Or - and this is what I'm putting on my birthday wishlist - you can sign up for 6 months or 12 months and pay upfront, making each box a bargainous £16.50.

Disclosure: I was provided with a LarderBox for review. I received no monetary compensation for this post.