Thursday 6 September 2012

Outfit Post: Yeah!


This is my first outfit post since December last year. Yes, really. As we can all tell from this post, my hair is now a completely different colour (the top bit is natural, the bottom is dye remnants), I now wear it curly (no hair straightening since February, yo) and I'm somewhat porkier than I was. Oops. Oh well, it's under control and the numbers are going down again. It turns out that moving into an area that has approximately one bazillion takeaways is not so great for the waistline. Who knew! I'm also not entirely sure why the above photo are a little bit blurry. It's probably for the best to be honest as it disguises my 12 chins. Lolz.

I wore this outfit to work today and I like to think it brightened up the office a little bit. It certainly seemed to delight a man when I was walking to the train station this morning. Although not necessarily in the way I wanted. Ah, local pervs! I first saw these glorious clogs on the lovely Kristabel's blog and, after managing to find the same discount code that she very kindly mentioned, I managed to grab them for half price. I do love a bargainous shoe.

Dress - ASOS
Tights - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Moheda
Cardigan - H&M
Necklace - Me & Zena
Extra Pounds - Levenshulme takeaways

Now, of course, the above is in direct contrast to the "outfit" that I've been wearing pretty much constantly for the last two weeks. Those lovely folks at Bank got in touch and asked if I'd like to review an item. With winter always on my mind, I chose this onesie and, prophetically, it arrived on the day that I came down with that nasty bout of flu. Hence, it didn't leave my being for about four days and I only just managed to prise myself out of it to go to work. It's fleecy yet lightweight, so comfortable I actually look forward to getting home from work to it and it's basically amazing. I think the onesie and I may need to get a room. Oh, and the delivery was beyond quick, which is always nice for the impatient amongst us. And by us, I mean me.

What my life is going to look like from now until next March. Holla!