Saturday 15 September 2012

In The City

Last weekend The Soldier and I headed off to London for a few days of, quite frankly, sheer gluttony. With a side of watching the Olympic/Paralympic Athletes' Parade, a helping of glorious sunshine and a fair amount of cocktails. We'd originally booked the trip after I managed to secure a much-coveted , rarer-than-gold-dust, Saturday night booking at Dabbous. But, having read a few less than complimentary reviews recently, that plan was scrapped and, instead, I booked us into Duck & Waffle for sunset on the Sunday. But that's another post...

We stayed at the amazing Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, from which we could see and FEEL the fireworks from the Paralympic closing ceremony on Sunday night. We wandered down Brick Lane in the sunshine, ate a rib roll from the famous Rib Man (not pictured but in addition to the pictured beigel - FATTIES!), drank cocktails at Lounge Lover, went to Cybercandy and bought an obscene amount of sugary treats, spotted various Wenlocks and had a lovely stroll down the Southbank. Perfect.

And, of course, there was a little bit of Instagram action...

1)&2) First visit to Wahaca. Amazing food, awful service; 3) Parade flags on The Strand; 4) MEATmarket
5) A sneak peak of the view from Duck & Waffle; 6) Amazing Monmouth coffee; 7) Cocktails at Big Chill Bar
8) View from our hotel room; 9) Wine and NCIS; 10) Creepiest photo I've ever taken