Sunday, 1 May 2011

Outfit Post: Red, White and Blue

So, did we all enjoy the Royal Wedding then?

I, for one, had a whale of a time. My friend E had a party and we wore red, white and blue, ate scones and cakes, drank Pimms and gin and then ventured into Manchester for the Northern Quarter Street Party. Basically one of the best days ever then! Yesterday was spent recovering, getting my hair done (it took three hours and barely looks any different!) and then having a picnic at the seaside, with the salt air and sand thus negating the fact I'd had my hair done. Hurrah.

The corgi necklace was a bargainous purchase in an Anna Lou of London half price flash sale last last year. It was made to be worn on the day of a Royal Wedding! The last nine days have been so much fun and I can't quite believe that I've got to go back to work on Tuesday. As usual, I will be returning far more tired than I left. And much poorer. Oops.

What did you get upto on Friday? Or did you avoid the whole shebang?

Hat - ASOS
Jeans & Top - Topshop
Sandals - Swedish Hasbeens x H&M
Cardigan - New Look
Necklace - Anna Lou of London


Rachel said...

argh awesome Corgi necklace! you have the wickedest jewellery! i saw some repeats of the wedding the day after after i missed the live hoorah because my boyfriend ended up in hospital, all better now but i'm still a tad sad i missed it live...


Ess-Jay24 said...

I was working, so missed it. I wasn't too bothered on watching it until i got to work and was desparate to see it haha! Sounds like you had an ace day :)

Lexicorro said...

I admit I had sky news live open in a browser tab. Just checking out posh totty mind you :))

Danielle Rose said...

Wow that necklace is so amazing! i would love that!

Vicky said...

Truly the perfect necklace to wear on the day of the royal wedding! You're my jewelry hero! :D

Pookie said...

Adore your outfit - red, white and blue is my fave colour combination so I was pretty happy with the abundance of it! Your red skinnies are frankly awesome! I just watched it with my little sister at home whilst seeing if everyone else had the same opinions as me on Twitter.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Love those shoes!
We had a lot of drink and ate cupcakes. I wore a hat and apparently said 'she is so beautiful' about 40 times in the same amount of seconds.

By the way, just been having a read through your blog and I'm in Levy too!

Cat said...

I wasn't fussed about it, to be honest, but I did buy the ultimate wedding Tat in the shape of Tatty Devine's huge Kate and Wills cameo necklace. It caused quite a stir when I went to get my hair done, and the hairdresser had Pimms and cake on the go, so all good.

P said...

Cute outfit!

I wasn't planning to be sucked into the royal wedding thing, despite the extra holiday as a result. But somehow I ended up watching an hour or so of it. AND I cried.

But I didn't really celebrate it in any way. After i watched part of it I just ended up hanging out with my boyfriend and getting drunk, in a completely unrelated way to the wedding. But it was still good! :-)

Jen said...

LOVE this look! The red jeans are awesome, as are the Swedish Hasbeens. Hate them on me but love them on you. Oh, and the Corgi necklace? I DIE. x

Lil said...

I love this royal wedding look! Especially the corgi necklace. I went to a street party, and I reeeally enjoyed it. I love the royals. X