Saturday 14 May 2011

London Calling

Things I love about London:

Delicious boys in well cut suits
Falling (fleetingly) in love on every tube journey
Snoozing in Green Park
The South Bank in the sun
Frozen yoghurt shops
Brick Lane bagels

On Wednesday I hopped on another train to London (yes, twice in a week!) and spent a far-too-short 27 hours in our nation's capital. Every time I visit it gets harder and harder to leave. Sigh. As much as I adore Manchester (and I really, really do), part of me just thinks that maybe there's more out there...

The rest of this week has included Leon (still my favourite film), fish curry and Bombay potatoes (homemade, of course), resenting work, eating healthily with minimal alcohol consumption (loving it) and the buying of far too many things for the house. Tonight is a Eurovision party at my friend A's and tomorrow is the 10K RUN OF DOOM. Wish me luck!

How are your weekends treating you, my treasures?