Tuesday 25 January 2011

Outfit Post: 9 to 5

It's been nearly three weeks since my last outfit post and I rejoin the land of sartorial documenting with a work outfit. Poor show, Helen. Poor show. I am rather fond of this dress though and it's quickly become one of my absolute favourites to wear to work. Ruffles, spots, comfy and easy to wear. Ding ding ding, jackpot. All I need in a work outfit and more. The belt was a Topshop sale purchase and has a slight bondage-esque quality to it which is, of course, completely appropriate for a day at th'office. I'm such a boundary pusher. Ha.

A fair few people have asked to see more photographs of the house. Well, it's still not finished (and unlikely to be for some time) but I thought I'd leave the background in the photo above, rather than cropping it out like I normally do, to show a little bit of where I live. That television is both my pride and joy and my absolute downfall. Note to self: run more, sit on sofa less.

I think it's clear from these photos that I am a tired girl at the moment. I blame the following: gin, a boy, friends, insomnia and work. Not necessarily in that order.

Dress - New Look
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins
Tights & Shoes - M&S
Belt - Topshop