Thursday, 9 December 2010

Jewellery Shaped Things

My name is Helen and I am a jewellery addict.

There, I said it. I have a bona fide addiction to trinkets, jewels and pretty adornments. In fact, I'm currently trying to think of a way to transport my huge collection of necklaces to the new house without them ending up in one giant tangle. So when the lovely Sarah offered to send me a couple of pieces from her new Etsy shop I jumped at the chance! Particularly as they're so delicate and fine. I have a lot of necklaces but I really lack dainty ones, normally favouring Tatty Devine-esque acrylic numbers.

Hailing from the North West (and soon to be living in Manchester) I'm used to my fair share of rain so I opted for the 'Oh to be in England' necklace and, continuing my obsession with bee and insect related jewellery, the 'Between angels and insects' necklace.

Both necklaces are absolutely gorgeous and I can see me getting a lot of wear out of them. They're perfect for adding a quirky edge to a smart outfit for work or for layering up with other necklaces. All Sarah's pieces would make lovely Christmas presents for those gorgeous girls in your life and the packaging is so cute!

Prices start at a bargain-tastic £7 and, if you enter 'CLEARYOURHEART' at checkout then you'll get 10% off your order (expires on 15th December 2010). Go go go!


Sophie said...

The Bee necklace is fab, i love it!


Meg! said...

Omg I love these! Especially the England one. :3 Oh man I wish I could afford to buy things in pounds. ;A;

Rapunzel said...

I may have to stop reading your blog as it features far too many nice things. I'm concerned that I'll start getting a shopping addiction! Can you please put a health warning on it?!

As a matter of interest how do you store all your jewellery at home? It's something I have a problem with and thought as an addict you might have some top tips?!

Rapunzel x

Sarah said...

Lovely photos, so glad you like my dear!

I store all my jewellery at the moment on a corkboard over my desk - using the pins as hooks to hang it. When I moved I just carefully picked it up, kept it flat and put it on the backseat of my car. Worked fine! Although one stumble and it could have been a different story...

It doesn't work as well in the new room layout though so I'm planning to put some sticky-back hooks onto the side of my very old bookcase (which is so battered and cheap I don't mind potentially ruining it with hooks - it's not wood!). And then I'll have all my necklaces ready to grab. :)

Ayden said...

I love what you chose? Shes amazing isnt she :) I'm in love with her whole etsy shop! and I totally know what you mean about always favouring more tatty devine like pieces! this is such a nice change aint it :) xx

Rapunzel said...

Thanks for the advice Sarah!x

Amy said...

I LOVE the "Oh, to be in England" necklace so much.

You always find such pretty things. You should really think about a career as a personal shopped; I'd hire you ;-)

Amy x

Helen said...

Meg - Pounds suck. Fact

Rapunzel - Sooorrrrry! I store all my jewellery in a tangle. I need to find a way!

Sarah - Excellent ideas, thankyou!

Ayden - I want all of them! So lovely. I wear the umbrella necklace all the time and it is so nice to have a change from my chunky plastic!

Amy - Aww, thankyou! x