Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday looks like...

A sickly rainy Sunday spent with Mr Elliot Stabler, a lot of ginger tea, plenty of cold-repelling lotions and potions, my favourite candle, Vogue and my new favourite snack, Special K cracker crisps (which Kellogg's very kindly sent to me).

Ten hours of rides in the freezing cold at Alton Towers yesterday has turned a slight Friday night sniffle into a full blown Sunday cold. Ah well, at least I've got plenty of Law & Order: SVU to keep me company. SVU Sundays FTW.

Sunday should be a little bit more exciting next week as it's my birthday! I'll be 31 years young and I'm off to Leeds to celebrate with The Soldier. Perfect.


Smidge said...

Ooh looks like a lovely sunday, I wish mine had been a little more relaxing, work work work. Looking forward to seeing you in 5 weeks! x

Treasure Tromp said...

sunday looks lovely!