Monday, 22 October 2012


I don't intend on doing weekly or even monthly updates on how I'm getting on at Slimming World but, from time to time, I probably will mention it and let you know how I'm doing. So, I've been back on the plan for roughly 3.5 weeks and at my third weigh in last week I'd lost a grand total of 12 pounds, which I'm pretty pleased with. I know that a lot of people are sceptical of or baffled by Slimming World so I thought it might be helpful to show you what I actually eat.

Someone on Twitter asked me if I'd been living on salad and my answer was a resounding "no." In fact, I haven't had salad once in the past month. What I've been doing instead is cooking some of my favourite meals, but with a Slimming World twist. That twist? Basically adding no or very little fat to anything that I eat. The photos above are (from top left, clockwise) baked beans, fried egg and homemade chips; fake "doner" kebab made with extra lean beef mince, onions, homemade chips and coleslaw; spinach and king prawn curry and "sweet and sour" chicken made using Fanta Zero. Yes, really.

I tend to live on hearty, spicy, big-portioned food. I could never survive on tiny salads or without carbs. And by 'survive' I mean be happy. I LOVE food. It is my one true love. I read far more food blogs than I do fashion or beauty blogs (and the list of food blogs I love is growing weekly) and I have a list as long as my arm of restaurants that I want to visit, once I finally get to my Slimming World target. Life is too short, for me, to not enjoy what I'm eating and to feel hungry all the time.

And thankfully, on Slimming World, I can even still enjoy a few cheeky glasses of wine occasionally...

Amazing beef and bacon casserole with a new-to-me Marlborough, which was sadly disappointing


Joanna Victoria -x said...

well done on the weight loss
I'm the same could never live happily off just salad's.

TheBCH said...

oooo any chance of some linkys to those recipes?? i could do with losing 12lbs!

je_suis_Hannah said...

That stew looks amazing! Sorry to be a wine bore but the reason your wine might have not been enjoyable is because it doesn't match well with the food :)

Try it on it's own with a clean palet and I bet you'll notice a massive difference in the way it tastes.

Helen said...

TheBCH - I made them up! I may post them in future though!

Hannah - We drank it both with dinner and much later, with clean palates. It definitely wasn't just because it didn't match with the food.

TheBCH said...

i'm poop at cooking and bored of pasta n sauces! i can never get a stew or curry base to work though. always ends up like water and this is where the naughty jars end up being bought and no weight loss due to them being packed with crap. i say post away! and you so said there would be no more yummeh food pics! haha