Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Going Forward

1) Amazing curry at Namaste Nepal; 2) Pulled pork sundae at SoLIta
3) Burgers at Almost Famous; 4) Bento box breakfast at Harvey Nichols

As some of you may know (if you follow me on Twitter), I rejoined Slimming World last Tuesday, after a few months away. If I'm honest, I haven't followed the plan properly since January last year. For those of you who don't know, I lost 5 stone 4lbs in about 11 months in 2010 by following Slimming World. Unfortunately I've regained rather a lot of that weight, although I'm still a hell of a lot thinner than I was when I first started, way back at the start of 2010. There are a number of reasons for the gain. I bought my own house in late 2010 and moved into an area with approximately one million takeaways. Takeaways test my willpower when I've had a long, hard day at work and the last thing I feel like doing is chopping vegetables. Also, the majority of last year was a bit rough for a number of reasons and, for me, food = comfort. Oh, and I kind of fell in love with a wonderful man. Which meant meals out (see above), cosy meals in and too much nice wine and cheese.

I've been pretty unhappy with my weight for most of this year but, a couple of weeks ago, it got to the point where I was avoiding looking in the mirror. Then I saw a couple of photos of myself that almost had me in tears. There's also the small matter of the wardrobes that I have that are stuffed full of gorgeous clothes. Gorgeous clothes that no longer fit me. So back to Slimming World I went and while I can't pretend that I'm at all happy with the number that appeared on the scale, I'm absolutely certain that I'm never going to see that number again in my life.

So, expect less photos of OMG!FOOD and more photos of me wearing the clothes that I haven't been able to fit into for so long.

Oh, and there'll be less photos like these too... 

Au revoir, boozy times! For now, at least.


em said...

Oh, I know those photo's. They're all too familiar at the moment.

Have you tried the 30 day shred? I've never actually done a full 30 days but I get results when i don't cheat! if not let me know & i'll try and send it you x

Helen said...

I have. The DVD is sitting staring at me right now. I got to 10 days and really was starting to see results. Then I had a hangover and stopped. And never did it again.

You've encouraged me to give it another go! xx

laurielizabeth said...

Ace post :)

You'll do so well lovely, you're such an inspiration! Hope first weigh in is a corker x

Smidge said...

Congrats hon. It's how you feel that's important. I know how proud of yourself you were. I'm on an exercise and diet to get myself in shape for the dreaded wedding photos! xx

Mrs Petticoat said...

Good luck mrs, I totally empathise with you. You've done it once, you can do it again :)

TheBCH said...

i was just about the write a quite similar blog post. sisters wedding pictures of me as a tubby bridesmaid and i have been avoiding mirrors and keeping lights off and living in jumpers! none of my vintage dresses fit me and with Christmas coming i feel screwed. also rejoining slimmingworld next week when i have funds, already know the scales are going to say exactly the same weight i was when i first started. Oooof it goes back on quickly! and all because i was skint and have been living on the tesco value diet! hope you get back Ooooon it :)