Friday 8 April 2011

Outfit Post: Getting Lippy

You wait weeks for an outfit post and then three come along at once. Well, when I say at once, I'm well aware that my blogging skillz have been lacking recently. A post a week at most. Must do better but things have been confusing and more than a little strange recently. What will be will be though, that's my new mantra.

After making a plea for recommendations for a decent red lipstick with staying power (NOTHING stays on my lips) on Twitter yesterday, I was inundated with responses. Girls, you know your lipsticks. Consider me impressed. In honour of that, today was a red lipstick day (this one's Rimmel, which lasts a surprisingly long time). By 8.30am I'd already been called 'glam' twice, so it may have to be repeated.

My new favourite ring, reduced in the Topshop sale to £3.50. I refuse to pay full price for Topshop jewellery, as it's ridiculously overpriced, but I tend to go mental in the sale and can usually be found hoovering up rings with the veracity of a hungry elephant who's just spied some peanuts. The leather shorts are from last year, bought for my holiday to New York. I own far too many pairs of leather shorts but these are my favourite. I love the airtex detailing.

I'm not entirely sure why I look so miserable and/or harrowed, I've actually had a wonderful day. In honour of the fact it actually feels like summer today, I bought ice lollies for the entire company at lunchtime. If you want to make 20 adults squeal with delight, buy ice lollies. Trust me.

Top & Ring - Topshop
Cardigan - New Look
Tights - River Island
Shorts - ASOS
Boots - Miss KG
Necklace - Tatty Devine
Sunglasses - Gift 
Nails - OPI's 'Miami Beet'