Friday, 8 April 2011

Outfit Post: Getting Lippy

You wait weeks for an outfit post and then three come along at once. Well, when I say at once, I'm well aware that my blogging skillz have been lacking recently. A post a week at most. Must do better but things have been confusing and more than a little strange recently. What will be will be though, that's my new mantra.

After making a plea for recommendations for a decent red lipstick with staying power (NOTHING stays on my lips) on Twitter yesterday, I was inundated with responses. Girls, you know your lipsticks. Consider me impressed. In honour of that, today was a red lipstick day (this one's Rimmel, which lasts a surprisingly long time). By 8.30am I'd already been called 'glam' twice, so it may have to be repeated.

My new favourite ring, reduced in the Topshop sale to £3.50. I refuse to pay full price for Topshop jewellery, as it's ridiculously overpriced, but I tend to go mental in the sale and can usually be found hoovering up rings with the veracity of a hungry elephant who's just spied some peanuts. The leather shorts are from last year, bought for my holiday to New York. I own far too many pairs of leather shorts but these are my favourite. I love the airtex detailing.

I'm not entirely sure why I look so miserable and/or harrowed, I've actually had a wonderful day. In honour of the fact it actually feels like summer today, I bought ice lollies for the entire company at lunchtime. If you want to make 20 adults squeal with delight, buy ice lollies. Trust me.

Top & Ring - Topshop
Cardigan - New Look
Tights - River Island
Shorts - ASOS
Boots - Miss KG
Necklace - Tatty Devine
Sunglasses - Gift 
Nails - OPI's 'Miami Beet'


Sophie said...

I am exactly like you, the only time I buy Topshop jewellery is when its in the sale! My friend works for the company who supplies the jewellery. They do Matalan as well so more often then not the same jewellery in Topshop is in Matalan!
Love the tights!

StephanieDJL said...

I'm also a sale junkie when it comes to jewellery! I go wild in Topshop & Evans when there's a sale on LOL
I am ridiculously in love with those tights.

T.Rose said...

what a great outfit and cute blog :)

would love for you to enter my giveaway here:

Caroline said...

bloody love your outfit helen, those shorts & tights are a great combo! x

Amy said...

Get you, cutie pie. You look fab.

I am beginning to despair with red lipstick. I can never find one that actually suits me, due to my pathetically small lips.

And I think that jewellery is always that leeeeetle bit nicer when you haven't paid full price for it...

cowbiscuits. said...

you look awesome! you will totally rock cherry red hair!! xx

Eloise said...

I love the ring! Might have to have a sift through ebay xx

Sarah said...

Oooh I love you in red lipstick. Looks gorgeous with your hair.

My Topshop seems to always have reduced jewellery. It's amazing. I regularly go mental. Um, in the sale.