Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Joys of Homeowning

Today I:

-- Got up at 6.45am because I was due to have a delivery from Tesco Direct between 7am and 7pm. YES, JUST A 12 HOUR WINDOW.
-- Painted. A lot. Mostly myself. See photo above.
-- Got criticised by my Mum for my weight. Yeah, cheers.
-- Took delivery of my chair from Tesco at 4.20pm.
-- Opened chair at 4.22pm.
-- Realised chair was broken.
-- Cried a bit.
-- Ordered a replacement chair. Re-delivery is on Thursday. So that's another day of holiday wasted on WAITING FOR A CHAIR.

Most. Frustrating. Day. Ever.

However,  now I'm going to wash the paint out of my hair, put Daft Punk on at an offensively loud volume and dance like a fool, look for flights to a far flung destination (all part of the master plan) and laugh at how upset I got about a chair. It is, however, a pink chair. So I'm sure you can all understand my trauma.


Eloise said...

Lol I get upset through frustration aswell, hope your chair is fine the second time around!

amongthechimneypots said...

I do! I remember my first day in my last flat, I was also painting whilst waiting in for a delivery. I managed to slice my hand open, didn't have any bandages (or anything else, for that matter), didn't want to leave the flat to buy any in case I missed the delivery, and ended up having to stick a pantyliner to the cut using latex gloves and trying not to cry into my tin of emulsion. And it was all worth it in the long run! Hope your pink chair is, too.

Cat said...

I feel your pain on this one, having had a washing machine situ earlier this year. I'm a lecturer and get the school holidays with Absolutely No Flexibility, so you can imagine how much my manager loved me. The good stuff outweighs the bad though, honest!

Pierrot le Fou said...

woah, 12 hours is a bit of a joke! I feel your pain!

em said...

Mum's. I feel like I've made some massive breakthrough if I get through a trip to see her without a discussion of my weight.

Sarah said...

I have so many ruined pairs of trousers like that! I realised, eventually, the best way to do it was to wear them inside out, so you could still wear them to work out in without looking like a total slob. (I will never forget being halfway through my exercise class and realising my tshirt had massive splodges of hairdye all over the black. Lovely.)

That's so rubbish and frustrating about your chair! I hope the replacement is perfect.

And, mums. Sigh. My dad is worse, because at least my mum gets it, a bit.