Tuesday 26 April 2011

The Joys of Homeowning

Today I:

-- Got up at 6.45am because I was due to have a delivery from Tesco Direct between 7am and 7pm. YES, JUST A 12 HOUR WINDOW.
-- Painted. A lot. Mostly myself. See photo above.
-- Got criticised by my Mum for my weight. Yeah, cheers.
-- Took delivery of my chair from Tesco at 4.20pm.
-- Opened chair at 4.22pm.
-- Realised chair was broken.
-- Cried a bit.
-- Ordered a replacement chair. Re-delivery is on Thursday. So that's another day of holiday wasted on WAITING FOR A CHAIR.

Most. Frustrating. Day. Ever.

However,  now I'm going to wash the paint out of my hair, put Daft Punk on at an offensively loud volume and dance like a fool, look for flights to a far flung destination (all part of the master plan) and laugh at how upset I got about a chair. It is, however, a pink chair. So I'm sure you can all understand my trauma.