Friday 24 October 2008

Friday I'm in love....

A former Friday night. Sigh.

Ugh. Friday night. Formerly the night spent with the significant other. Formerly the night where we would cook dinner, drink wine and watch the same old comedy DVDs for the umpteenth time. Formerly the night that I would look forward to all week and spent most of the day getting ready for so that I looked nice for him after he'd finished another long week at work. I miss that excitement. I miss the butterflies. I miss the drive over to Liverpool where I'd imagine the kiss at the door and the stories he'd tell me about his day. I miss the look on his face when he saw me. The hug.

I think Friday nights are the hardest for me. Scratch that. Friday nights are by far the hardest for me.

Oh Friday, my former friend! Now my sworn enemy.

I miss those nights more than I could ever say.