Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Great Food Budget Challenge

A few weeks ago Jenn from Much To My Delight posted about the food budget challenge that she was about to undertake. She updated her blog weekly about the challenge and then at the end, with the news that her and her husband's total spend for the month of April was $1,041.57. Yowzer. Now I've suspected for a while that a large percentage of my earnings goes on what I'm eating and drinking but I thought it would be interesting (at least for me!) to actually find out exactly how much I spend. So for the next month (upto 10th June) everything I spend on food and drink (including any nights out and meals out) will be recorded in my nifty little Google Drive spreadsheet. It's no secret that I flippin' love spreadsheets so hopefully this won't turn out to be too arduous a task. Although I do fear I'm going to be absolutely horrified by the amount I've spent at the end of the month. I'll be checking in once a week, on a Saturday, with the rolling total.

This month might not be so typical as I'm actually staying at my parents for the next ten days or so, looking after their dogs. The fridge is pretty well stocked (best parents ever) but there were still a few bits and pieces that I needed (wanted, not needed) to pick up. I bought hot sauce, garlic, cucumber, grapes, chicken tikka pieces, gnocchi, apples, green beans, lemons, green tea, fromage frais, wholemeal bread, carrots, mushy peas and a couple of packets of pasta 'n' sauce (no judgement please, I usually cook from scratch but these are perfect for a quick meal after a long day at work) and that little lot cost me £20.23. Oh food, why must you be so delicious and expensive.

Spreadsheets on a Saturday night. I truly am living the dream. It's a good job there's a nice bottle of sauvignon blanc in the fridge to counteract my dullness.


Jennifer Sanders said...

I spend a lot of food on money. I see it, want it and most time, have to buy it. But then, I can waste some of it as well when I don't eat it in time. Eating out is something I really like to do as well. I don't have as much opportunity to in Bristol just yet; not made enough friends yet.

A spreadsheet is a good way to go (agree with you on how great they are!). Although, I have one for all my finances and I'm not sure if it's stopping me. :s

P said...

I think I would be quite scared to know how much I spend on food. Although I might have to do it myself when I move into my own place, since I'm not used to having to live on a budget and i'll need to start!

Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout said...

I'll be interested to hear what the final result will be - I always suspect that I spend way more on food than I have to (partly as my most convenient supermarket is an M&S and also because I don't have ANY self constraints in health food shops!)... Good luck logging everything for the challenge (with a spreadsheet it should all go smoothly ;) )

Ima said...