Wednesday 17 August 2011

Thrifty August: Part 2

So, we're more than half way through August now...

I get paid two weeks tomorrow and part of me cannot wait. I was absolutely dreading this month, as I knew how short of money I was going to be, BUT it's actually not been as bad as I feared.

It turns out that, once you stop buying clothes, make up, jewellery, etc, it really doesn't take that long until you don't miss it anymore. Not spending money just feels normal to me now. Bar food, a couple of nights out and a few essentials, I haven't spent any money. On anything. This obviously excludes my Ikea purchases at the weekend, which were made using the last of a loan I took out when I bought my house.

One of the main things I really wanted to do this month (as well as finally finish decorating) was cook more. I love cooking. I find it really therapeutic. But with one thing and another this year my kitchen has been barely touched. Thankfully I have finally pulled my finger out and I've been cooking up a storm. Well, a mild squall anyway.

From the top: Lemon and garlic cous cous, feta, peppers, cucumber & lettuce; turkey and vegetable curry; mega roast potatoes; mutton tagine (made using amazing Blackface mutton; recipe to follow shortly)