Tuesday 16 August 2011


1&2 - AMAZING cupcakes from Hey Little Cupcake! in Manchester. I work far too close to this little piece of cupcake heaven and can often be found trying to talk myself out of going in and diving headfirst into a New Yorker or a Red Velvet. They can also make pretty much any cake that you can dream up. The ones pictured were for my friend E's birthday. Acid house cupcakes. Obviously.

3&4 - Thrifty August continues apace and I've discovered the sheer joy that comes from growing your own vegetables and herbs. Yes, really. Never mind the fact I'm not really that keen on either courgettes or tomatoes, I GREW THEM!

5 - Star-shaped ice cubes make any glass of water infinitely more fun. And any glass of gin. Obviously.

The weekend just gone was unintentionally very hectic. Considering I was supposed to be having a quiet one, I barely spent any time sitting down. More sitting down is needed. Yes.

Highlights included:
++ My friend B finding the perfect wedding dress. I may have shed a tear or two when I saw her in it. For "may have", read "wept". I've gone soft.
++ Cooking a roast dinner for four on Sunday and my friends turning up with three bottles of wine and three desserts. This is one of many reasons why they are my friends. Yes.

Lowlights included:
-- Spending £773 in Ikea on Sunday. I was very nearly sick when I handed over my credit card BUT I now have virtually all the furniture I need for the palace. Bye bye home loan, you were fun.
-- A recurrence of the cold of doom. I just want to be sniffle free, is that too much to ask? WHY ME.

How were your weekends, loves? Anything exciting to tell me?