Sunday, 31 July 2011

These are the good times...

I am obsessed with these Sapling Press cards

This weekend has been mega.

Friday involved smoked haddock risotto (I'm addicted), spiced coffee and almond vodka (YES), Mean Girls, dancing at Trof and my friend falling asleep on my bathroom floor with a towel over her. Hero.

Saturday involved bacon and egg sandwiches, DIY, framing pictures, sitting in D's garden in the GLORIOUS sunshine, mega turkey curry, The First Day of the Rest of Your Life and a little bit o' wine.

Today has involved waking up with a cold and sore throat (boo), making roast potatoes and broad bean/pea/garlic/fried onion salad, lots of painting of spare room walls, hall floor and canvasses and, still to come, a bit of a Law & Order: SVU marathon. Oh yes.

Some facts for you:

In my fridge there is hardly any food. However, there are six (SIX!) types of cheese. My commitment to le fromage knows no bounds.

I have £24 a week to live on for the whole of August. Oh yes. Frugal is now my middle name.

I have removed three (THREE!) spiders from my kitchen this weekend without a) crying b) phoning my Dad and trying to make him drive 20 miles to get rid of them or c) killing them. I'm all grown up.

How have your weekends been, loves?


Sarah said...

sounds like a fantastic weekend, i too am skintage for august. we shall be frugal together :) xxx

Helen said...

You can never have too many types of cheese! Hmm cheese. August will be very tight for me too because I have SO many big bills due, damn moving house and being a grown up :( I can now join you in lamenting lack of money and having too many house things to do.

Much to My Delight said...

6 types of cheese in the house--you are definitely my kind of girl.

Cat said...

Eeep, I feel bad be-moaning my lack of money for August now I've read about your £24 a week. I hope the cheese isn't going to go off soon.

dannithegirl said...

Mine was as fun as yours sounds but in different ways! PLEASE can you post (or send me) the haddock risotto recipe it sounds amazing.


Sarah Rooftops said...

I feel your pain. It's two and a half years since I bought my flat and this month was the first time I've managed to buy clothes (one cardigan, one dress) or have my shoes repaired in all that time. *sigh* But at least I have a nice home to skulk around being broke in!