Monday 18 July 2011



At 4.30pm yesterday I was still in Marbella. Now, after a taxi ride, a bus ride, a plane ride, a train ride, another bus ride, a walk, another bus ride, another train ride and a car ride, I'm home. Nerja was relaxing, hot and lovely. Marbella was slightly less relaxing, slightly less hot (although still roasting) and hilarious.

I'm shattered and just about ready to fall into bed. So, without further ado, some snippets...

Food eaten: Curry (yes, really), pasta (numerous times), whitebait, paella, pineapple on the beach, far too much ice cream
Drinks drunk: Strawberry daiquiris, tinto verano, sangria, wine that cost 10 euros for a glass (horrific), sambuca (downfall), Jagermeister, more blanco y negros (coffee granita with cream ice cream) than I care to admi, GALLONS of water
Swimming pools jumped in at 4am: Just the one
Parts of body sunburnt: Numerous
"Celebrity" spots: Lauren from Eastenders, Gavin Henson (maybe)

Verdict: AMAZING. Take me back. Now.