Friday 22 March 2013

Neighbourhood, Manchester

A few weeks ago now, my resident co-diner and I headed out to Neighbourhood in Spinningfields to gorge ourselves on "New York inspired" food, cocktails and delicious wine. I'd actually already eaten at Neighbourhood on New Year's Eve but with a few niggles over service on the night, I was keen to try the restaurant under more "normal" circumstances.

We started with a couple of cocktails and they were a pair of corkers. That's a Basil Grand (fresh strawberry with Grand Marnier, Chambord and basil leaf) in the background and a Modern Old Fashioned (bourbon with blazed and flambéed fruits) just in front. Just gorgeous.

We were absolutely spoilt for choice with the starters (starters are generally my favourite part of any meal, fact fans) but opted for the artisan board and the lobster tacos. Oh. My. Word. The artisan board was great but it really didn't stand a chance against the lobster tacos. Gorgeous little morsels of beer battered lobster, red cabbage slaw, sweet pepper ketchup and guacamole all wrapped up in little tiny flour tortillas. I could have eaten about 15 on my own. They're normally served in portions of three but we requested an extra one so that we didn't have to resort to a fist fight over the table. Noone needs a fist fight over seafood on a Thursday evening.

For main course I (obviously) chose the Neighbourhood burger (toasted brioche bun, cheese, mac sauce &  bacon) and Beth went for the baked lobster mac & cheese (double lobster is just how that girl rolls). Both were great and it was around about halfway through that we started to feel REALLY full. I mean, look at that burger! Huge doesn't even cover it. Apologies for the horrendous smudge in that last picture as I fear my burgery fingers may have smeared the lens. I am so glamorous. I felt the picture needed to be seen though, just for the pinkness of that meat. Glorious.

The lovely gentleman who looked after us (note to self: get names in future) along with our waitress recommended the wine after asking us what we liked and what we were in the mood for. I'm a massive fan of a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and this one was fabulous. Fruity, crisp and very very easy to drink. Not necessarily a good thing when Beth and I are around.

For dessert, despite being horrendously full and rapidly developing stomach pains (my greed knows no bounds), we chose to share the ice cream cones and the box of doughnuts. The ice creams were beautiful (we went for hazelnut and latte flavours) and were actually quite soothing after the gluttony that had gone before. The doughnuts were the only let down of the night. They were a little bit too dry and almost stale tasting. They were redeemed somewhat by the huge marshmallows and chocolate sauce that they came with  though. I do love me a huge marshmallow.

All in all it was an incredible meal. The service was great, the atmosphere was buzzy and the decor was lovely. A special mention must also go to the absolute TUNES that were being played all night. We unashamedly danced in our seats on more than one occasion.

Neighbourhood may not be cheap, but for a special meal out it's definitely worth the price tag. I'm looking forward to going for brunch next and maybe (definitely) another cocktail or five.

Disclosure: Beth and I were guests of Neighbourhood, as organised by Manchester Confidential