Sunday 13 January 2013

Sunday looks like...


A late start (for me) followed by an attempt to get my winter-ravaged face back into some sort of decent condition. A lazy morning of blog reading, taking the bins out (glamourrr), a healthy breakfast and then a trip to the Malmaison for brunch with my friend C. I was lucky enough to win brunch for two on Twitter and it was absolutely amazing. Not pictured: Salmon, caesar salad, cream cheese stuffed peppers, mustard new potatoes, chorizo, croissant, bread, cheese. Oh, and an ice cream sundae. My Slimming World healthy eating took a bit of a hit today to be honest. Oops.

I also took my Mustard shopper bag for a spin to Tesco (again, glamour!) and confirm that it's definitely better and infinitely more stylish than the ratty old bag for life that usually inhabits the bottom of my handbag.

I wore my trusty Office Nighthawks and I'm still so utterly in love with them. So comfortable and bright and I just feel like clicking my heels constantly whilst wearing them. I have ruined about 12 pairs of tights by wearing them though. Damn my incessant need to sit with one foot underneath me at all times. The Pilgrim necklace was sent to me by those lovely folks at Very and, whilst it's not my usual style at all, a bit of bling felt quite appropriate to wear to a fancy brunch.

It's just started to snow here and I've just settled down on the sofa (wearing fleecy joggers, oh yes) with Mannequin on the tv and a cup of green tea at my side. Perfect.

Disclosure: I was sent both the bag and the necklace but received no further compensation for this post