Thursday 13 October 2011


So, in my last post when I said that September was a month for "organising, cleansing and sparklifying my life", it appears that I also meant September was a month for taking some time out to reassess, reevaluate and reconsider. Ooh, I love me some alliteration.

I digress.

I've taken almost four weeks away from blogging, my tweeting has been minimal (for me, at least) and, instead, I've just been... living. I've been away to Nottingham for the weekend, I've been out for dinners and  drinks and out on nights out and I've spent time just being me. And being happy. I've rediscovered the joy in life, the joy in the smallest of good things, the joy in feeling good about yourself.

The joy in ...

...dressing like Beetlejuice for work. Oh yes.
...ridiculous new jeans.
...a rainy Manchester evening.
...driving over The Snake Pass at sunset. Breathtaking.
...a big fat burger with chips and coleslaw.
...not hating what I look like anymore.

Hello. My name is Helen. I'm back.